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Fiestas of Tourist Interest

Empalaos Carnaval MartesMayor

"Fiestas of Tourist Interest in Extremadura" comprise competitions, festivals or events which take place in this Autonomous Community that are especially relevant from a tourism point of view in terms of popular traditions and culture.

On the other hand, the status of "Fiesta of National Tourist Interest" and "Fiesta of International Tourist Interest" is granted to those festivals or events that are manifestations of cultural values and popular traditions, with special consideration of their ethnic characteristics and particular relevance as a tourist attraction.

In Extremadura there are 67 "Fiestas of Tourist Interest in Extremadura", 12 "Fiestas of National Tourist Interest" and 3 "Fiestas of International Tourist Interest".

You can see the different festivals in Extremadura declared of Tourist Interest on each link.

(67)Regional   (12)National   (3)International

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