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Wines from Extremadura are, without a doubt, the star accompaniment to a singular gastronomy.

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Wines of certified quality

Wines from Extremadura are, without a doubt, the star accompaniment to a singular gastronomy.

Wines from Extremadura: whites, rosés, reds and even cavas are produced mainly in Badajoz, as it is the province with the greatest number of vineyards. Extremadura as a whole is one of Spain's main wine-producing regions.

Red wines from Extremadura are mostly produced from the Tempranillo, Merlot, Garnacha Tintorera, Garnacha Tinta, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grape varieties. For whites, on the other hand, the Cayetana, Pardina, Macabeo, Alarije, Eva or Beba, Montúa and Pedro Ximénez varieties are preferred, although Chardonnay, Cigüente, Malvar and Sauvignon Blanc are also used in smaller quantities.

All of them are used to make Extremadura wines, which are held in high regard by the country's most acknowledged wine-guides.

The most thriving are D.O. wines. Ribera del Guadiana, which is made with Cañamero, Montánchez, Ribera Alta, Tierra de Barros and Matanegra. But Extremadura cavas are also D.O. And Extremadura is one of the seven Spanish regions with full legal authority to produce this type of sparkling wine. To be more precise, Almendralejo, which is already known as the City of Cava, is where it has been produced since 1983.

Other noticeable wines from Extremadura are Vinos de Pago (VPs - wines from classified estates or vineyards), Vinos de la Tierra (a classification equivalent to the French Vin de Pays – a rung below D.O. but still good) and, of course, Pitarra wines. They are wines that are homemade in artisan fashion at family vineyards and are usually kept in earthenware vessels (tinajas). They are currently made, above all, in the regions of Las Villuercas, in Tierra de Barros, in Sierra de Montánchez and Sierra de Gata. These wines combine wonderfully with a good bowl of "migas" (garlicky bread paste), "frite" or "caldereta" (goat/lamb casseroles). If you get the chance, make sure to try them – it'll be worth it.

If you're interested in everything to do with enology, then you have good reason to come to Extremadura. Because, besides all the many wineries you can visit in the region, most of which provide wine-tasting courses, you can also take in the Almendralejo Museum of Wine Sciences, take part in a Wine and Olives Fair, or use a weekend getaway to do the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route. Would you miss it?


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