From the pastureland to the table

Hams, shoulders, pork loins, chorizo sausages, pepperoni, morcillas and bacon: pata negra delicacies

  1. Come to Extremadura
  2. De la dehesa a la mesa

It will be a pure treat.

Hams, shoulders, pork loins, chorizo sausages, pepperoni, morcillas and bacon: pata negra delicacies

Of long, thin and muscular legs. Such are the Iberian pigs that roam the vast Extremadura pastures everyday in search of acorns during the mountain season. At times they walk several kilometres everyday rooting around for the fruits from the oak trees. In order for an Iberian pig to put on one kilo of weight, it has to eat 12 kilos of acorns, which is something that is only possible with pastures that have the equivalent size of one and a half football pitches per pig. Extremadura is one of the few places in Spain where this "miracle" is possible.

From such pigs, such hams: elongated and stylised legs, always with a black hoof, which is its signature. Try them and you will see that the Extremadura D.O hams and shoulders Dehesa de Extremadura have a pink, almost purple coloured meat, with glistening, aromatic streaks of fat. Because it is a soft, tender meat, it slides around your mouth as you eat it, whilst being creamy, slightly salted, even sweet, nuanced and fragrant, very fragrant, with delicate and exquisite flavours that linger on the palate.

A fact: did you know that there are different types of Iberian products depending on the time that the pig is fed on acorns?

The kings of ham, the "bellota" (acorn-fed) Iberian hams, come from pigs exclusively fed with these fruits and herbs during the mountain season. Premium Iberian hams also come from animals that eat acorns and herbs in the countryside, but they are also fed fodder.

However, this obliging animal does not only give us ham. Because everything other than the oink of the Extremadura pigs is put to use. Try the Iberian bacon and streaky bacon; morcillas and "patateras" (local pork and potato sausage); as well as cured sausages, Iberian pork loins, chorizo sausages and black puddings made with ground Iberian pork and marinated with spices, particularly with paprika, which is also from the region and typical of La Vera.

What more can you ask for?


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