Travelling with children

Alqueva, fun for the whole family

You can come to the park whenever you want, live adventures and enjoy activities for all the family.

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Travelling with children

Lots to do for everyone

You can come to the park whenever you want, live adventures and enjoy activities for all the family.

Alqueva Natural Theme Park, made up of the five municipalities of Alconchel, Cheles, Olivenza, Táliga and Villanueva del Fresno, doesn't have any doors, fees or opening times, and is an incredibly beautiful place where you'll find nature, water and culture.

Situated in the southwest of Extremadura, in the province of Badajoz, it is well connected because it is close to the A5 motorway between Madrid and Lisboa, and to Badajoz city airport.

WATER SPORTS: At Alqueva Lake and its reservoirs you can carry out many activities such as canoeing, kayaking, boat trips, sailing, water ball, fishing, water photography, etc. It's also perfect for a day on the beach... a freshwater beach, that is!

HIKING: There are easy paths to follow, on foot or on horseback, designed so that the children can discover the flora (Orchid and Broteroi Peony route). You can go mushroom picking, cycle or go on a 4x4 along the Guadiana River, multi-adventure gymkhanas, orienteering in nature and guided routes.

DEHESA Y TORO: You can also visit these farms to discover more about how fighting bulls are reared, do agro-tourism in the farms, go on guided tours with a farmer or the farm manager to see where the bulls are branded, the practice bull rings, bullfights with young bulls, etc.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS: You'll be able to see and take photos of black vultures, black storks, cranes, foxes, genets, mongooses, badgers, wild boar and otters in the dehesas and mountain ranges.

STARGAZING: If you fancy, you can go stargazing in amazing locations with some of the clearest skies in Spain.

CULTURE: You can enjoy interesting heritage such as castles, medieval villages, religious and traditional architecture, visits to artisan industries, etc.

GASTRONOMY: This area is very important from a gastronomic point of view: you won't be able to resist Iberian pig products, fish stews (with barbel, for example), dishes with a Portuguese influence, and famous sweets such as Técula Mécula. You can also visit wineries, ham and cold meat drying sheds and pig farms where you can discover the ecosystem in which the famous pigs from Extremadura are reared.

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