Zarza la Mayor

This Cáceres town was named "la Mayor" by King Philip IV.

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"The Very Loyal Town of Zarza la Mayor"

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10880 Zarza la Mayor , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • This Cáceres town was named "la Mayor" by King Philip IV.

    It dates back to the Roman times and gravestones still remain from this period of its history. The town has had to overcome many hardships and disasters, as Zarza has been burned to the ground four times by its Portuguese neighbours. So it is hardly surprising that King Philip IV changed its name to “Zarza la Mayor” (Zarza the Great), in tribute to the heroism of its people.

    An area of such historic significance as this obviously has a wealth of cultural and architectural treasures, the most outstanding of which is the castle known as Racha Rachel, or Peñafiel. This castle of legends stands in the border regions and has become Zarza la Mayor's most symbolic landmark.

    Other notable sites worth visiting include the impressive La Fuente Conceja spring, which has been declared a monument of cultural interest, La Real Fábrica de Seda (Royal Silk Factory) and La Casa de la Encomienda or Palacio del Comendador.

    The area holds endless attractions for nature lovers, who can enjoy hiking trails, walks along age-old livestock trails and cowpaths as well as fishing and hunting.

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