Villanueva de la Serena

Enjoy the beauty of the architecture, crafts and fiestas of this beautiful place.

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Plaza de España, 1
06700 Villanueva de la Serena , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • Enjoy the beauty of the architecture, crafts and fiestas of this beautiful place.

    Villanueva de la Serena is in the Vegas Altas del Guadiana region, near the La Serena region. With very few mountainous areas, this is an important town in the region.

    If you want to enjoy a different weekend, come and discover its artistic heritage for yourself. You can start with the architecturally beautiful council building, built in 1583 and the town's most famous building. It is supported by three large pointed arches on Ionic columns. The main door bears the coat of arms of the House of Austria.

    Another beautiful building you can visit is the Casa de la Tercia, in the town's Jewish quarter. This building has a very important place in the history of Spain, as it is where the commanders and masters met to uphold the rights of Alfonso XI.

    You can also admire the Casa de los Bolos and visit La Jabonera, an industrial building now used for cultural and social events.

    And you must also visit the Monastery of San Benito, built in 1494 and rebuilt several times since then, due to fire and pillage by Napoleon's troops. The Santo Sepulcro chapel and the parish church are also important.

    The local fiestas include La Carrerita, which has been declared a Fiesta of Tourist Interest in Extremadura, with the processions of the Resurrected Christ and the Virgen de la Aurora being the main attractions. These take place first thing in the morning on Resurrection Sunday in Plaza de España. The porters of the Virgen run to meet up with the Resurrected Christ, in a stunning spectacle.

    But Villanueva is not just about architecture, its cultural life also includes a famous Festival of Street Theatre, which is held in July. This has something for both adults and children.

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