Small Cáceres town on the Silver Way.

Historical and natural wealth

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  • Small Cáceres town on the Silver Way.

    Although forming a small part of the city of Cáceres that was created by the National Institute of Colonisation in 1963, there's no denying the fact that it is a must for pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela from the south. This stopover affords you a chance to better enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the cultural wealth of its Roman monuments, as well as what remains of the Roman road.

    But that's not all! You shouldn't miss out on a visit to the Argüijuelas de Arriba castle, the Argüijuelas de Abajo castle, which was built as a house-fort at the end of the 15th century, the 17th century Trasquilón mansion and the old Mocha bridge. This Roman bridge, which crosses the Salor river, is on the Silver Way Roman road. Despite having been rebuilt several times, some of the Roman dressed stone has come down to us today.

    Neither should you miss out on a visit to the Salor reservoir, which serves as a stopover for numerous species of birds, turning this spot into an ecological corridor. It is also noteworthy for the mammals to be found there, such as the otter, which is catalogued as an endangered species of special interest.

    The best time of year to discover the charm of Valdesalor is undoubtedly during its most important fiestas, those of San Isidro.

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