Trujillo and Monfragüe National Park

From Trujillo to Monfragüe

In Trujillo you can enjoy medieval streets and festivities and in Monfragüe National Park, feel the unspoilt nature.

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Trujillo and Monfragüe National Park

History and nature just around the corner in Extremadura

  • In Trujillo you can enjoy medieval streets and festivities and in Monfragüe National Park, feel the unspoilt nature.

    Of all the numerous little corners to be found in Extremadura, here are two which will certainly not leave you feeling indifferent. If history is what you love then you really must visit Trujillo, which was granted its city charter by John II of Castile in 1430. Of great historical importance, it is famous for such monuments as the Castle situated high up in the city and which was formerly a Mozarabic citadel. The Plaza Mayor square is the city's meeting point, presided over by Francisco Pizarro, who was a native of Trujillo and the discoverer of Peru. Trujillo is the land of explorers: Francisco de Orellana, who discovered the Amazon River, was also born here. You can visit his 15th century house-museum and stroll down the medieval streets which will carry you back to a bygone era.

    But Trujillo is not only about history – its Easter Week is well known throughout the country and Easter Sunday is the big day. In the Plaza Mayor the people of Trujillo sing and dance traditional songs dressed in their regional costume – this is the Chíviri Festival. At the beginning of September the festivities in honour of the patron saint, Santísima Virgen de la Victoria (Our Lady of Victory), are held and together with your family you can enjoy such activities as theatre, dance and processions. And on the final day the Hail Mary which the people of Trujillo offer to their Virgin will really surprise you. This is the perfect place for lovers of gastronomy. You really have to try "migas extremeñas" (lit. "crumbs"), tomato soup, veal sweetbreads and "moraga" (charcoal-grilled pork). If you come to Trujillo in May you can visit the largest Cheese Fair in Spain. In the Plaza Mayor square you can taste and buy the best local and national cheeses.

    We also recommend a getaway to Monfragüe National Park, almost 18,000 hectares, excellently preserved. Monfragüe, a National Park since 2007, offers a balance between the tourist attraction of a park of these characteristics and the protection of the environment. You can participate in a number of activities: a selection of hiking routes (for all levels so that nobody misses out), guided routes by car or routes of a higher technical level for the more adventurous. The entire park has been conceived with the enjoyment of nature in mind and all along the different routes there are posts for viewing and observing the indigenous fauna. This is one of the areas with the greatest number of griffon vultures, peregrine falcons, Bonelli's eagles and eagle owls. Water also plays a fundamental role in the park – the Tagus River and its tributary, the Tiétar River, create idyllic landscapes. On their banks you will find nightingales, cormorants, and kingfishers along with other species of water birds. All this fauna, together with the forests which make up Monfragüe National Park, make this a unique getaway where the enjoyment of nature is transformed into an unforgettable experience.

    Here are two little corners that Extremadura has to offer. Stroll through Trujillo and its medieval streets, prepare an invigorating route through Monfragüe National Park. Neither of these places will leave you with a feeling of indifference.

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Trujillo, birthplace of discoverers

a Trujillo, birthplace of discoverers

Tourist destination

Already important in the Roman Empire, the Discovery of America brought it universal fame and greatness.


Plaza Mayor, s/n Trujillo, Cáceres (Extremadura)

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