Ribera del Fresno

In Badajoz's Sierra Grande-Tierra de Barros region, this town is a must see on a wine tour

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The lands of fine wine

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Town Hall, Calle Ayuntamiento, 1
06225 Ribera del Fresno , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • In Badajoz's Sierra Grande-Tierra de Barros region, this town is a must see on a wine tour

    Ribera del Fresno is part of the D. O. Ribera del Guadiana wine route. So, if you decide to take this fine wine route, be sure to visit.

    Between wine tastings, take time to stroll around the town and visit some of its most important buildings, taking in the traditional architecture of white plaster, black grilles and facades with coats of arms, whilst enjoying the surrounding landscape.

    The most noteworthy buildings include the Casa de Vargas-Zúñiga, with its impressive facade, large balcony and coat of arms with scallops. The Santiago Cross is emblazoned on its grille. Today it houses the Casa de la Cultura. It is home to the public library, the “Cerro de Hornachuelos” visitors' centre and the Almazaras ethnographic centre. Other notable buildings include the Casa de Bazo,  restored as a Posada inn,  the Palacio de Quintanilla, the Olea palace and the Casa de los Grajera.

    The town hall is located in the former Jesús y María convent.

    The Nuestra Señora de Gracia parish church, constructed of lime-plastered masonry, whose coat of arms bears the Santiago Cross, has been declared an SPA for kestrels. The church contains a fine 17th century Baroque altarpiece by Alonso Rodríguez Lucas. This features an image of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, a sculpture in the Gothic style and a statue of the Virgen del Valle in the proto-Gothic style. The pulpit is made from Estremoz marble.

    Ribera del Fresno also has a number of chapels, including the Cristo de la Misericordia,  the Aurora and the Cristo Viejo chapels.

    In addition to being part of the D. O Ribera de Guadiana wine route, Ribera del Fresno is also the starting point for much more. These include the 18th Century Route, the Water Route, the Hornachuelos Route, the Wineries Route, the Cortijo de Peñaovejera Route…

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