Puebla de la Reina

Queen Isabel la Católica gave the town its name for its splendid hospitality

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Town Hall, Plaza del Cabildo, 1
06477 Puebla de la Reina , Badajoz (Extremadura)

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  • Queen Isabel la Católica gave the town its name for its splendid hospitality

    Although it is shown in some historic documents as Puebla de la Jara, because of the huge number of rock rose bushes (jaras) in the area, Queen Isabel la Católica named it Puebla de la Reina (the Queen's Town) because of the warm welcome she received there.

    We know that its roots stretch back to the Romans; however, most of the remains in the town are from the Visigoth and Muslim periods. The Santa Olalla church is in a triangular plaza in the centre of town, with the town's houses huddling around it. The 15th century Gothic-Mudejar church is home to a 17th century altarpiece by Luis Hernández, from Llerena.

    Another Mudejar building dating from the late 15th century, the Mártires San Fabián y San Sebastián chapel, is to be found on the outskirts of town. The local architecture features a number of elaborate Baroque manor houses, of which the Lobato manor house in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with its large atrium over the entrance, is a fine example.

    During Easter Week celebrations, it is famous for its "Soldados de Cristo" (Soldiers of Christ), dressed in black and armed with swords every Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

    The local food is very distinctive. You have to try the "cojondongo", a simple dish traditionally made by shepherds in the mid-morning, "zorongollo" (a red pepper salad), gazpachon blanco (white gazpacho), la perdiz a la jara (partridge)... And for dessert, arrope syrup.

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