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Vostell-Malpartida Museum

The works in this museum, located in Los Barruecos, exude symbology everywhere you look.

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Location and Contact:

Carretera de Los Barruecos, s/n.
10910 Malpartida de Cáceres , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • The works in this museum, located in Los Barruecos, exude symbology everywhere you look.

    Wolf Vostell is the father of this museum, as he was for the Dé-coll/age technique, the European Happening and the Fluxus Movement, and video-art. His art has a special spark to it – an unmistakable touch of originality – but it's best for you to discover it for yourself.

    The first thing you'll be surprised by is the location of the museum as it is in an area of great geological and ecological importance: Los Barruecos. It is a very beautiful place that has been declared a Natural Monument, where the beauty of great masses of granite and the water from a reservoir meet with huge potential for flora and fauna.

    The museum is made up of two noteworthy collections. The first of them, called Wolf y Mercedes Vostell, contains several works of art entailing elements of fetishistic symbology from our times, such as the car, television or concrete, transformed to warn us of the shadows and conflicts enclosed in the society we live in. Examples of works of this type are "Concrete Bull", "The Thirsty Dead Man" or the garden sculpture, "Why Did The Trial Between Pilate And Jesus Take Only 2 Minutes?"

    On the other hand, the Fluxus collection – which was donated to Extremadura by the Italian collector, Gino di Maggio – is made up of a group of 250 works by 31 North American, European and Asian artists. 

    Finally, the collection by conceptual artists contains 60 works, including pictures, picture-objects, sculptures and installations, belonging to 48 artists that have had a special connection to the Vostell Malpartida Museum activities since it started in 1976.

  • Origin:
  • 20th century
  • Construction:
  • Industrial building
  • Art period:
  • 20th century
  • Period in history:
  • 20th century
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  • Museographic collection
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