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10860 Gata , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • A town that played an important part in the Christian reconquest, the cultural heritage of which has seen it declared to be Cultural Heritage Site.

    Situated in the Sierra de Gata mountains, the history of this Cáceres town is laden with the epic struggles that took place during the Christian reconquest, the legacy of which has seen Gata declared to be a Cultural Heritage Site. The fact is it is home to a rich legacy of traditional architecture, with respect to which its high houses are noteworthy, as is the Almenara castle, the town hall, a small palace that stands in Calle Campito, the palace in the Plaza de las Órdenes and several fountains, such as the famous “El Chorro”.

    Moreover, if you take a stroll around the town you will also come across an endless number of religious monuments such as the parish church of San Pedro, which dates back to 1508 and the 16th century chapel of Cristo del Humilladero, which stands at the main entry to the town.

    In addition to these historical gems, you can also enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the town, crowned by oak, pine and chestnut trees and by granite crags, not to mention the veritable natural frame to the whole formed by a mosaic of olive trees near the Rivera de Gata river.

    The finishing touch to which is undoubtedly the town's patron festivities held in honour of the Apóstol Santiago and the procession to his chapel, which takes place on the first Sunday in August every year.

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