Extremagia, international magic festival

Don Benito gets ready for magic and illusion.

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Magic everywhere!

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Don Benito , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • Don Benito gets ready for magic and illusion.

    Extremagia is held in Don Benito every year and is attended by the best national and international magicians, to enjoy and show their magic in Extremadura. So if you come to Don Benito during this festival, you'll find that magic fills the streets, schools, hospitals and theatre. Come and experience this event that has already captivated everyone who's experienced it and the prestigious magicians who have taken part in the past.

    Many activities relating to magic, such as workshops, courses, exhibitions, etc. for children and adults alike, take place these days to complement the street performances or those in the theatre during Extremagia. The festival is rounded off with a magic performance in Feval, the Trade Fair Institution of Extremadura. That night, the best magicians are in charge of working their magic.

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