Badajoz Carnival

Joy, colour and music take over the streets and the people of Badajoz from carnival Friday to Shrove Tuesday.

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Five, fun-filled days

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Badajoz , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • Joy, colour and music take over the streets and the people of Badajoz from carnival Friday to Shrove Tuesday.

    Declared a Festivity of International Tourist Interest, Badajoz Carnival is a one of the most eagerly awaited celebrations by the people of Badajoz every year. Consequently, in some corner of the city, no matter what time of the year, you should not be surprised to find people working in secret on fancy dresses for next year's carnival. Net, felt, satin are just some of an endless list of materials that are used to make the costumes for the "comparsas" or music troupes that each year take part in the Badajoz carnival parade. A rhythm and colour-filled spectacle not be missed.

    The "murgas" (musical troupe) competition held at the López de Ayala a few days before the start of carnival proper is another big attraction. Irony and wit are the staple diet of the lyrics of these songs that brighten and liven up the days and nights of the people-filled streets and squares of Badajoz. The competition final is held on carnival Friday after the children's comparsas' parade and the official fiesta opening day address. The three, winning music troupes will perform for everyone at the burial of the sardine on Shrove Tuesday in the San Roque neighbourhood. By the way, bread, grilled sardines and local wine are available to all those who attend the burial of the sardine, should you feel like a snack.

    The parade of floats, those eccentric creations on wheels, is another popular attraction for Badajoz locals and the visitors who come to Badajoz to take part in these five days of fiesta where good fun is assured for all, whatever the time of day it be!

    The importance of Badajoz's carnival is such that it even has a theme museum dedicated to it with documents, costumes, musical compositions, witty lyrics and objects on display that attest to the “collective memory” housed within its doors.

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    *Some pictures loaned by Ayuntamiento de Badajoz. 

    Video: Ángel Vidarte

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