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Brozas, in Cáceres province, located in the “Tierras de Alcántara”, in the Tagus-Salor-Almonte region.

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Historic and artistic splendour

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Plaza Principe de Asturias, 1
10950 Brozas , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • Brozas, in Cáceres province, located in the “Tierras de Alcántara”, in the Tagus-Salor-Almonte region.

    The area has a rich historic heritage dating back to prehistoric times -with the Aldonza, Vaqueril and Araya dolmens and remains of Celtic towns- continuing through the Roman period, with well preserved remains of the “Vía da Estrela” Roman road, to the Middle Ages -the period of its greatest historic splendour, when its main monuments were created- right up to modern times.

    Some of the treasures from the Middle Ages include the Santa María la Mayor church (a national monument), the Santos Mártires church (15th century), the Comendadoras convent (16th century) and the Nuestra Señora de la Luz convent (16th century).

    There are also a number of military buildings to visit, including the Encomienda Mayor Fortress of the Order of Alcántara (13th-18th century), with remains of bastioned walls, and civil buildings with their aristocratic coats of arms, grilles and balconies. The latter include the Argüello-Carvajal palace (17th century, declared a Cultural Heritage Site); the Porres-Montemayor palace, home of the Counts of Canilleros (17th century); the Flores palace, birthplace of Nicolás de Ovando (15th century); and the Bravo palace, home to the Counts of Encina (18th century, declared a Cultural Heritage Site).

    The town also boasts the “Baños de San Gregorio” baths, which are Roman in origin. Surrounded by pastureland, and boasting modern hotel and thermal spa facilities, this is an ideal place to relax and be pampered.

    And if you want to enjoy nature, Brozas also offers 7 protected areas: the banks of the Salor river are part of the “Tagus International” Nature Reserve; the “Charca de Brozas” peri-urban conservation and leisure park; and the “Brozas lesser-kestrel colony”, the “Llanos de Brozas and Alcántara”, the “Charca de Arce”, the “Brozas reservoir” and the “Vegas Altas reservoir” Special Protection Areas for Birds, ideal places for birdwatching and other activities in the heart of nature.

    And you also have to try some of Brozas' traditional produce. Its pork and lamb products, delicious tench fished from its lakes, and its fried treats, stews and "torrija" puddings are unmissable.

    The local fiestas include those of San Antón and Santa Lucía, the Ferias de Ganado, the San Gregorio Romería and the traditional Toros fiesta.

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